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The profile of the health impact of poor air quality has been raised over recent years but it’s a complex issue so don’t believe everything you hear!

Peer-reviewed studies are published regularly on the impact of poor air quality on our health.

A recent World Health Organisation review of around 5,000 studies over 7 years from the US, Europe and Asia, looking at the effects of air pollution on millions of people found:

  • In London alone around 1-in-12 deaths are linked to PM2.5 air pollution
  • Air pollution from vehicle exhausts, tyres and brakes is now associated with lower birth weights, reduced cognitive functioning, and development of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Type II diabetes
  • Diesel exhaust is officially classed as a major (Group 1) cause of cancer by the international medical authority on cancer
  • Long term health effects of air pollution have been observed after only 6-24 months of daily exposure
  • Short term air pollution episodes measurably increase hospital admissions

The references on the right provide a wealth of information on the topic – London is not referenced alone but is typical of most major conurbations.

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