Why FreshBox™

Driving along polluted and congested roads is a part of many drivers daily routine. The highest levels of exposure to poor air quality are to individuals in vehicles as the polluted air accumulates inside the cab.

Factory fitted air filters on vehicles are specifically designed to remove allergens such as pollen. They do not remove the smaller particulates that have the highest impact on health. Tips for all drivers when in congested urban environments:

  • Keep the windows up
  • Activate ‘re-circulate’ on the air handling unit
  • Use the FreshBox™

The FreshBox™ range of products represents a step-change in personal exposure reduction to harmful Particulate Matter (PM) inside the vehicle. Using state of the art F7 filtration technology and high air flow fans, the FreshBox™ units helps you breathe easier.

Simple fitting options are available, whether through adhesive or hard-fixing, and a simple 12V plug-in adapter lets you get cleaner air right away.

In-vehicle measurements as well as bench testing of the FreshBoxTM  has shown that particulates from PM10 down to PM0.3 are significantly removed from a typical vehicle environment within fifteen minutes.

Which transport option is healthiest?

National Clean Air Day (2017) video

Dr Ben Barratt – King’s College London

Testing Results

Technical Specifications