The FreshBox™ represents a step-change in personal exposure reduction to harmful Particulate Matter (PM) inside the vehicle. The highest levels of exposure to poor air quality are to individuals in vehicles, especially over extended periods of time.

Factory fitted air filters in vehicles are specifically designed to remove allergens such as pollen. They do not remove the smaller particulates that have the highest impact on our health. Using state of the art F7 filtration technology and high air flow fans, the FreshBox™ units deliver purified air, trapping harmful particulates, to help you breathe easier in your vehicle.

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Air Pollution

Unlike the famous ‘pea-souper’ smogs of a century ago, due to coal burning in cities, the problem is now mostly invisible. The main source of urban air pollution now is road transportation, predominantly from diesel vehicles. A key pollutant is Particulate Matter (PM).

PM consists of microscopic particles suspended in the air. The smaller the particles, the deeper they can penetrate into the respiratory system and bloodstream, making them more hazardous to our health.

Pollution concentrations are highest in densely congested urban environments and most specifically along the main roads themselves. PM varies in size and there is no safe level for health.

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Health Impact

Poor air quality has a significant impact on our health, being attributed to cardiopulmonary as well as neurological disorders and is a carcinogen. Particulates can cause immediate symptoms as well as long term chronic disease effects.

Around 50,000 people die every year as a result of poor air quality in the UK. Children brought up in areas of poor air quality have long-term lung capacity impact. The economic cost of poor air quality is estimated at £20 billion to the UK.

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